CITES Documentation for African Grey Parrot

The species Psittacus erithacus (African Grey Parrot) has been included in CITES Appendix I and Annex A of Regulation (EC) 338/97 since January 2, 2017.

What should you do if you have one or more African Grey Parrots?
Initially, within one year from January 2, 2017, all owners of African Grey Parrots must regularize their situation by applying for a CITES certificate.

What documentation should you provide?
The application for the certificate must be accompanied by documentation that proves the legal origin and acquisition of each specimen. This can include invoices, transfer documents, import permits, veterinary records, certificates of captive breeding from SOIVRE, etc.

Must the specimens be identified?
Yes, the animals must be identified with either a legible closed ring or a microchip. In the case of an open ring, the specimen must be identified with a microchip. This microchip is implanted in the left pectoral muscle, and sedation is typically not required for a calm African Grey Parrot.

What are the costs involved?
The cost of the fees is 20 euros. You must present proof of payment of the fees at the nearest SOIVRE center.

The Model 790 for the CITES FEE must be requested in person. It can also be obtained electronically if you have a digital user certificate, allowing you to avoid visiting the office in person.

Where can you obtain the CITES certificate?
The CITES documentation for African Grey Parrots can be downloaded and filled out electronically on the CITES website: CITES Forms.

Where should you go?
Visit the nearest SOIVRE center. You can find a list on their website.

In the case of Valencia:

Territorial Directorate of Commerce SOIVRE
Muelle de del Turia s/n. Edificio de ingenieros, planta baja 46024 Valencia