Exotic Animal Boarding

Summer vacations are approaching, and many of us are planning trips. One of our concerns is deciding on the best option for our exotic pet when we anticipate an extended absence.
exotic animal boarding

Obviously, at Nido Clinic, we do not recommend leaving your exotic pet unattended because high temperatures during the summer can have potentially fatal consequences.

You can organize trips with your exotic pet. Many hotels and summer boarding facilities accept animals without any issues. If you are traveling in your own vehicle, it’s important to ensure a comfortable temperature, easy access to water, and a stress-free journey. For example, it may be advisable to travel with your pet’s usual cage and cover it lightly to reduce stress.

If you decide to travel by plane or another means of transportation, you can check the link where you can find information on the requirements and needs that each country has for importing animals. It’s important to consult with the embassy or consulate of your destination country for these requirements. Nido Clinic especially recommends that you request these terms in writing.

Remember to have your CITES documents in order for those species that require them. It’s very important to check with your airline or train company before the trip, as they will provide you with separate instructions on their specific requirements for traveling with exotic animals, or whether they allow it at all.

The other option we offer at Nido Clinic is our exotic animal boarding service. We take care of your exotic pets during your absence as if they were one of us. We adapt to their dietary requirements and follow all the instructions you provide to make their stay with us as pleasant as possible. For longer boarding periods, we’ll keep you updated with phone calls or emails for your peace of mind. To inquire about this boarding service, don’t hesitate to call us and schedule an appointment in advance.